White home security shutters

You can rest assured knowing all your valuables inside your office or home are safe with our security shutters installed.
Not only are these shutters the perfect burglar bars for your home or office, they are also functional, durable, easy to clean, good to look at, impervious to rust, wind and weather and available in different configurations to suit any space.

You can rest assured knowing you are protected by a product that lasts for up to 30 years due to the high quality aluminium and steel we use when manufacturing all our shutters. All our shutters have been made with the environment in mind and are eco-friendly.

Our shutter product range:
• Hinged
• By-Pass on top and bottom tamperproof guide systems
• Bifold on top and bottom tamperproof guide systems
(Our tamperproof guide systems prevent shutters from being lifted out of the channels)


Hinged Shutters

Hinged security shutters
Hinged shutters comprise of a perimeter frame and shutter panel/s. The shutter panels are hinged off the perimeter frame. Security shutters in Durban has many perimeter frame options to suit different aesthetic choices, reveal depths, installation designs and space considerations.

Sliding Shutters

Sliding security shutters
Having the flexibility to remove the security barrier completely by sliding or swinging the shutters open, friends and family are able to celebrate the full view on offer and enjoy easy uninterrupted indoor-outdoor access.

Bifolding Shutters

Bifolding security shutters
Bi-Fold shutters are top hung from tracks using wheels and guided at the bottom in a floor channel. They will slide and stack at 90° to the opening, which means they will protrude into the room, however, Security shutters in Durban offers a unique 180° stacking bi-fold system which is a great option in certain circumstances.

Create the perfect natural lighting of your indoor space by simply adjusting the louvres of your shutters. Tilt the louvres to allow in light while blocking direct sunlight that can damage, furniture, soft furnishings, flooring etc. Close the louvres to block out natural and artificial outdoor lighting when sleeping. This versatility is generally not offered by other fabric window treatments such as curtains and blinds which are either opened of closed.

Security shutters in Durban has designed some unique features that give our shutter ranges enhanced light-block and privacy, such as the overlapping rabbet stiles between shutter panels, and a hidden tilt system that enables a snug fit between louvres and the frame.

Natural ventilation helps to cool indoor temperatures, keep a healthy circulation of fresh air and maintain hygienic conditions. By adjusting the shutter louvres, you are able to direct and control the amount of ventilation while leaving windows and doors open.

Open louvres allow natural ventilation indoors and can, if the house design accommodates, create a through breeze to help cool a home in warmer months. Closed louvres also serve as a thermal barrier to keep hot or cold air out, giving more control over indoor temperatures. Shutters are an eco-friendly option for indoor temperature control and save on electricity bills.

Complete privacy control with unprecedented flexibility. Closed louvres provide 100% privacy, an essential feature for window dressings in bedrooms and bathrooms. Tilted louvres ensure privacy while still allowing in natural light and ventilation.

Security shutters in Durban customises the design of every shutter order according to the unique specifications of each installation. Included in this is the option to split shutter panels into into different segments or louvre banks allowing the flexibility to open certain louvres while closing others according to privacy needs.

Security shutters are an attractive alternative to industrial-looking traditional security gates and burglar bars. Their adjustable louvres also offer privacy, light and ventilation control alleviating the need to have additional window dressings such as curtains or fabric blinds.

Shutters are considered a permanent fixture and therefore add financial value to the property, especially if they serve as a security feature as well. Proven to be a selling point, as they alleviate additional expenses on security and finishes.Built to last, and easy to maintain, they do not require costly upgrades or replacing.

Shutters are easy to clean, and therefore are ideal for use in homes with people suffering from allergies.

Material & Construction

Locally made for South African requirements from architectural grade aluminium and powder-coated for a corrosion resistant finish, our Security Shutters are;

-Equipped with strip-proof Italian locks,
-Stainless steel screws and fittings,
-Powder-coated aluminium tracks and hinges for anti-corrosion, low-maintenance and durability.

This range of adjustable aluminium louvre shutters is a robust security solution, every louvre is secured into the framework of the shutter providing a sturdy framework.

Technical Specs

85% to 95% light block
Aluminium Shutters don’t offer total block-out; the amount of block-out depends on the type of installation

Louvre size (mm) 89
Minimum Height (mm’s per panel) 550
Maximum Height – Hinged (mm) 3100
Maximum Height – Bi-Fold (mm) 2900
Maximum Height – By-Pass (mm) 3100
Minimum Width (mm’s per panel) 300
Maximum Width Hinged (mm’s per panel) 900
Maximum Width Double-Hinged (mm’s per panel) 500
Maximum Width Bi-Fold (mm’s per panel) 700
Maximum Width By-Pass (mm’s per panel) 1050
Mid Rail Required if Height > (mm) 1900

5-year warranty


The swatches below are digitally presented, therefore may not accurately represent the finish. We strongly suggest that you view the samples in person to make your choice.

Security Shutters are available in a choice of three powder-coated colours – Satin White; Light Grey and Charcoal. The grey and charcoal finishes have a slight textured finish. Security shutters are also available in custom colors

Security Shutters Are Also Available In Custom Colours

Different shutters finishes